The Bootcamp program consists of a series of workshops and coaching, for teams and individuals, to test your concept and learn more about what it takes to start or grow your creative business. Working amongst a group of your peers, sessions are designed to test and support the development of your chosen project.

Foundry658 Bootcamp is now complete. Meet the 33 Foundry658 Bootcamp Teams who took part in a rigorous three-week business development program with our experts.

Acustico Lighting

Lighting products that absorb up to 30% of mid-range frequency noise. Acustico Lighting is first range in the world using this materiality and construction.

Founder: Samantha McKenzie

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Aunty Cloud

Podcast/radio show that collects user generated stories of women of colour.

Founder: Shantel Wetherall

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Curated network of Australian podcasts telling community-driven stories and upskilling podcast producers.

Founder: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

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Brow Books

Not-for-profit publishing house publishing works from the demographic and artistic margins.

Founder: Sam Cooney

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ColourSpace Gallery

Social enterprise that helps local artists share their art with Melbourne businesses.

Founder: Scott Ko

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Dark Webs

Taking True Crime cold case investigation to the next level through storytelling (books, podcasts, re-enactments, VR walkthroughs of scenes) and making it a fully immersive interactive experience. Unravelling cases together.

Founder: Eileen Ormsby

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Dynasty Bridge

Bilingual self-publishing, distribution and reviewing platform for Chinese-language digital and print books.

Founder: Christine Yunn-Yu Sun & Steve Goschnick

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Global First Nations Network

Film studio and media platform that focuses on sharing, exchanging and creating content with young Indigenous people across the world.

Founders: Kalinda Palmer & David Ottosen

Grapple International

Marketing and ancillary services that enable film rights holders to market their films directly to consumers.

Founder: Ben Whimpey

Heart of Pluto

Personalised baby blankets, laptop covers, scarves and wall art using a hacked domestic knitting machine from the 1980’s that turned into a network printer. Images can be sent to the knitting machine and produce knitted fabric 80% hands free.

Founder: Sarah Spencer

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Her Words

An intimate, inspiring online video interview series and social enterprise sharing the stories of women in Australia.

Founders: Domini Marshall & Emma Roberts

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Indigenous Comic Con

Unique, dedicated space for Indigenous talent within the pop culture arena.

Founder: Cienan Muir


Transforming 7 fully researched and developed Human Rooms to mobile will enable the content to be appropriately prescribed for individuals i.e. from patient rooms in hospitals to people homes, enabling clinicians through to families to be able to be more effective in the emotional wellbeing of who they are treating and caring for.

Founder: Efterpi Soropos

It’s The HY Pty Ltd

H.Y is a Melbourne based fashion and textiles brand known for their Ready-To-Sew apparel kits and contemporary pattern designs.

Founders: Hugh Reed & Yavi Bermejo

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James Voller Studio

The public art studio that combines installation practices with photographic and visual technologies. The works activate public spaces and explore the connection between architecture, social history and the environment in defining a sense of community.

Founder: James Voller

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Katy Mitchell Ceramics

A small business designing and producing hand-crafted ceramic tableware.

Founder: Katy Mitchell

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Life on Film

Life on Film is a production company that records the oral history of everyday Australians.

Founder: Lachlan McLeod

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Marshall Street Studios

Melbourne’s first 24-hour Membership-based Music Studios. Marshall Street Studios will give artists a space to work in order to further their careers, and allow them to be around like minded individuals. Applying the 24-membership model that has re-defined gyms to music studios.

Founder: Bennett Ferguson

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Memento Media

Preserving life stories to capture the essence of a loved one before it’s too late.

Founder: Jessica Ferrari

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MindBuffer is an audio-visual installation studio specialising in creating real-time installations for music and light festivals, museums and advertising agencies.

Founder: Joshua Batty

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Making user generated content (mods) for games accessible, with drop-in plugins.

Founder: Scott Reismanis

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MonsterScope Studios

Repackaged source code from for external game developers to exploit.

Founder: Zamfir Dumitru

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Nasty Women

A feature film designed to be produced using lean and agile methodology. The story will encapsulate womanhood, femininity, sexuality and self-expression (as it is today) from the perspective of pole dancers – following characters intertwining worlds in and out of the studio as they lead up to a competition.

Founder: Chelsea Denny

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OK Motels

Bringing bands to regional motels for a regional musical weekend experience.

Founder: Kate Berry

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Queer Town

Queer Town is an online hub of original digital media that includes a diverse range of video series, podcast series and writing, created by queer

Founders: Archie Boulter & Grace Carey

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Rani P Collaborations

Utilising mixed realities to give prospective international students access to the experience of what it would be like to live and study at an Australian university.

Founder: Rani Pramesti

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Scanlan & Makers

Paints, applied to lightweight, portable structures (canvasses, photography flats, room dividers).

Founders: Clare Scanlan and Shannon Wylde

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Small and Loud

Structured and community driven feedback process for emerging performers to test their ideas.

Founder: Isabella Vadiveloo

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Stage for Change

Design studio merging technology and storytelling to create high impact pop-up experiences for purpose driven businesses. We create fun and fantastical highly sharable experiences to magnify your cause and engage consumers.

Founder: Shelley Matulick

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The Big Feels Club

Articles and podcasts about how to deal with big, scary feelings, with real life and online discussion spaces where you can unpack it all with others who ‘get it’.

Founders: Honor Eastly and Graham Panther

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The Garret: Writers on Writing

The Garret interviews the best writers writing today. The Garret launched in 2016 and has grown a substantial audience. The podcast was featured alongside literary podcasts by the New York Times and the ABC in Apple Podcasts Next Great Read promotion. The Garret is ready to scale.

Founder: Astrid Edwards

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A social and creative enterprise that creates tailored rituals and rites of passage moments for individuals, families and communities.

Founders: Tahli Corin & Sarah Lockwood

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Tracton Lighting

Tracton Lighting is bespoke artisanal range that is 100% hand constructed & finished locally in Melbourne by artist Sarah Tracton. Created with high-grade translucent and luminous fine porcelain.

Founder: Sarah Tracton

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Bootcamp Program

The Bootcamp focuses on sustainable business models and early ideas with growth potential. You will learn the critical startup capabilities and, by the end of the three weeks, have a better understanding of how best to meet the needs of your current and potential new customers.

You will formulate a unique value proposition and be able to clearly define what sets your idea or business apart from the rest. The program includes:

• lean startup methodology
• development (or refinement) and testing of a business plan
• essential skills including digital marketing, scaling strategies and building teams
• access to mentors for tailored business development advice.

Bootcamp Timeline

The Bootcamp is a structured workshop program that offers group training and coaching sessions, hands-on research, and some 1:1 feedback. During the three weeks, there will be 10 days of training sessions held in Melbourne and online, with at least six full days of the training taking place in-person at State Library Victoria and ACMI.

While the Bootcamp program is designed to be flexible, it’s worth noting that one of the benefits is that participants are part of a group in which peer learning and networking play a valuable role.

Bootcamp applications are now closed.

Do I have to do the Bootcamp to apply for the Accelerator?

Bootcamp plays a valuable role in preparing teams for the Accelerator, and helps the Foundry658 team evaluate potential participants for progression to the Accelerator. It is generally expected and recommended that Accelerator teams will have successfully completed the Bootcamp.

However, teams may potentially be considered for Accelerator without completing the Bootcamp provided they can demonstrate both suitability and readiness. Contact Foundry658 staff for more information.

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There are no program fees for selected Foundry 658 Bootcamp participants.

Please contact Foundry658 staff to discuss any barriers to your participation to Bootcamp programs.