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Foundry658 will compress years of business experience into an intense immersive learning program that will fast track your business and support you to make your creative business investor and/or more customer ready.

Foundry658 is designed to support independent artists, arts organisations, not-for-profits, commercial creative enterprises, early-stage entrepreneurs and creative industries practitioners. We are looking for individuals and teams from any creative discipline who are committed to building a successful and sustainable business or creative practice.

Applications for Bootcamp are now closed. Register your interest for future opportunities here.

Register Interest Read the Application Guidelines

Bootcamp plays a valuable role in preparing teams for the Accelerator and it is generally expected that Accelerator teams will have successfully completed the Bootcamp. However, teams may be considered for Accelerator without completing the Bootcamp provided they can demonstrate both suitability and readiness. Contact Foundry658 staff for more information.

Applications consist of a proposal that outlines your idea for a creative business, or tells us how you would apply a new business model to your existing creative practice.

Applications can be in PowerPoint, diagrammatic or video form and should tell us about your proposed business idea / product, and why you are keen to participate.

It doesn’t matter if you are just at the idea stage or already have an existing prototype. Foundry658 will provide you with the tools and information to assist you to test and progress your enterprise.  Your application should be submitted through our online application form and must contain:

  • A short summary of your project or idea (an elevator pitch)
  • A short summary of what makes your business idea unique or different to existing creative businesses
  • A succinct pitch proposal about your project or idea in one of the following formats: a PDF of no more than 10 slides OR two pages of pictures, diagrams, flow charts or product market materials OR a five minute (max) video (hosted on Vimeo/YouTube/Dropbox or Google Drive)

There will be a shortlisting process for both Bootcamps and the Accelerator. Shortlisting will take place in the two-week period following the deadline for applications; during that time the Foundry658 team may have follow-up questions and applicants may be invited to an interview with the Foundry658 selection panel, either in person or over Skype. Successful candidates for the Bootcamps will be notified in the third week after applications close.

There are four main questions we’re asking:

  •          Is it a unique idea, or the first time that idea has been applied to the creative industries?
  •          Are the founders ready for the opportunity and committed to the program?
  •          Is the idea ready to be accelerated? If not…
  •          Will the idea benefit from development to secure a sustainable business model?

Consideration will also be given to representation of the Victorian community: we’re looking for a broad spread of creative practices, business models, geographical locations, inclusive representation and so forth.

We’ll use the info you provide in your application to learn about you and your idea, and work out if you and your project or idea are most likely to benefit from the Foundry658 program.

Individuals (sole founders) and teams are both welcome to apply.

In your application, let us know:

  •       Why you are interested in the Foundry658 program?
  •       What drives you – why are you seeking to grow your creative business?
  •       Why is now the right time for your business idea to benefit from this program?
  •       Identify the project team capabilities – what skills do you have on board?

In your application webform, provide a short project description (max 100 words) and tell us what makes your idea unique or valuable (max 100 words).

In addition to the application webform, you will be asked to upload a proposal. In your proposal:

  •       Outline what you think the market opportunity is and who your target market/s are.
  •       Tell us what stage your project is at: idea stage, operating as a business already etc.
  •       Provide us with business model (if at idea stage, indicate how you think the model might work).
  •       If any, what technology are you employing (also note if you need any specific technology support).
  •       Indicate the intellectual property / proprietary knowledge in the project.
  •       Outline any financials.

As part of the application webform we’ll need the following details:

  •          Email, phone & website address (if you have one)
  •          Postcode
  •          Preferred personal pronouns
  •          Which area of the creative industries your project is in.
  •          Are you applying as an individual (sole founder), business or organisation, or collective?
  •          How you found out about Foundry658.
  •          Confirmation of permanent Victorian residence for at least one team member.

There are no program fees for selected Foundry 658 Bootcamp and Accelerator participants. Please contact Foundry658 staff to discuss any barriers to your participation to Bootcamps or Accelerators programs.